Intervention, monopod, photographic image
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On Thursday the 25th of February 2016, somebody rang my doorbell at 10:30pm. Unfortunately I was taking a shower at that moment and could not open my door. At first, I expected that it was my neighbour. After I finished my shower I asked him whether he had rung my doorbell, but he told me he had not.

All kinds of questions came to my mind: Why would somebody ring my doorbell so late? Would it be burglars trying to check if I am home? The next day, Friday the 26th, I went out for groceries and found a needle lying in front of my door. Not long ago I had read that intruders would position needles between doors and doorframes to find out whether people are home. Namely, the needle should still be at the same spot on the following day if you are not home.

That same day I had to leave my residence for the weekend. I didn’t feel comfortable, because I had the feeling that my working equipment could get stolen.

With the intervention Barricade I try to protect my house from burglars and take away my anxiety of getting all my equipment plundered. The way I achieve this is by actually using my equipment.