With my work, I exploit the potential use of the photographic image and camera, but also my role as a photographer. I investigate to which extent images, cameras and other photographic equipment manipulate reality. The foundation of my work is intuitive; I use the camera only as a tool to play within reality. Nevertheless, I always end up with a constructed plan and image. With these ‘constructions’, I try to get grip on my earlier discoveries.

For me, everything that is very special in itself is uninteresting to work with. I rather focus on banalities. By using the camera I can make them interesting. Behind the viewfinder of the camera there seems to be a completely different world. This allows me to steer my own and others’ perception. For example: I can get rid off an irritation by simply photographing it. This pragmatic way of working gives the ability to improve my very own life.

I share my findings mainly by (photographic) interventions and performances. I replace a broken window with a printed image, manipulate pedestrian flow with multiple cameras and experimenters, command people by using my camera and secure my window with a monopod. By doing this, the visual world, which I create, merge together with reality and constantly influence each other.